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 Hi all Noize Suppressor is online on your site!

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BeitragThema: Hi all Noize Suppressor is online on your site!   17.10.10 20:08

Hey peeps Noize here!
Me: It's me with our car and my nephew Very Happy

I just wanted to let you know the sniper is here snip
I hope you guys like me, I can translate the easy German words, but when I'm trying to speak German it looks like sh*t Razz

Maybe I want to join, because its a nice server with nice admins. I can also do moderator jobs, last clan i was in ( Wolfenstein Enemy Territory) I was a moderator for about a year. Our clan stopped, thats why I started to play CoD2 again, 2 months ago.
I'll make my profile well etc. Already got my site on it, it's the Dutch version of FaceBook, but much more fun.

That's enough for today.


Ps, my name is Erik for the people who wanted to know it;)
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Hi all Noize Suppressor is online on your site!
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